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Mouse - Mammary Gland - MC02-0063.pff

MC02-0063.pff image submitted by Robert Cardiff

Image Name: MC02-0063.pff

Image Annotation: Sections through three separate tumor nodules display expansile and infiltrative growt. The tumor cells have enlarged, hyperchromatic and pleomorphic nuclei and moderate amount of amphophilic cytoplasm. The growth pattern is microglandular. There are 10-12 mitotic figures per high power field. Note: The phenotype of this MMTV-c-myc x her-regulin tumor is that of a typical myc-tumor.

Staining Method: Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining Method

Species: Mouse
Strain: FVB

Organ: Mammary Gland

Gender: Female

Gene: MMTV-LTR-c-myc and MMTV-LTR-Heregulin


Image donated by: Robert Cardiff