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Mouse - Skin - MC02-0476.pff

MC02-0476.pff image submitted by Robert Cardiff

Image Name: MC02-0476.pff

Image Annotation: Ear section from a C57BL/6 transgenic mouse expressing a non-diffusible form of the kit ligand (stem cell factor) in the basal epithelium. Increased melanin pigment is apparent within the epidermis in this H&E stained section. The increase in pigmentation is the result of increased numbers of melanocytes as well as increased production of pigment and transfer to adjacent keratinocytes. Marcus Bosenberg

Staining Method: Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining Method

Species: Mouse
Strain: C57BL/6

Organ: Skin


Promoter: K14
Gene: Kit ligand


Image donated by: Robert Cardiff