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Mouse - Skin - skin_036.tif

skin_036.tif submitted by Marcus Bosenberg

Image Name: skin_036.tif

Image Annotation: Cytokeratin 14 immunoperoxidase staining of a poorly differentiated spindle cell squamous cell carcinoma arising in a HK1-p53R172H mouse treated with a two-stage chemical carcinogenesis protocol. The overlying epidermis is strongly positive, but the tumor is not stained. Unlike the case in human spindle cell carcinomas, which are usually reactive for one or more cytokeratins, mouse spindle cell carcinomas are generally non-reactive for a wide variety of keratins. The diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma is to some extent based on the presence of a metastasis to a draining lymph node with squamous and spindle cell morphology (see also skin_38-39).

Staining Method: Cytokeratin 14 Staining Method

Species: Mouse

Organ: Skin
Diagnosis: Spindle-cell Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Murine Skin


Promoter: Human keratin 1
Gene: Mouse mutant p53 (Arg175His)

Publication: 9671312

Image donated by: Marcus Bosenberg