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Mouse - Skin - skin_078.tif

skin_078.tif submitted by Marcus Bosenberg

Image Name: skin_078.tif

Image Annotation: S100 immunoperoxidase stain of human breast skin grafted onto a SCID mouse after 7 months of treatment with UV irradiation three times per week and a single DMBA treatment reveals junctional melanocytic hyperplasia. S100 stains both melanocytes and Langerhans's cells within the epidermis, and while the latter tend to be located suprabasally, use of a melanocytic-specific stain such as TRP1 (or a Masson-Fontana stain for melanin in non-albino mice) is more definitive.

Staining Method: Family of calcium binding proteins

Species: Mouse
Strain: SCID

Organ: Skin
Diagnosis: Junctional Melanocytic Hyperplasia

Gender: Female


Publication: 11332722

Image donated by: Marcus Bosenberg