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Mouse - Skin - skin_124.tif

skin_124.tif submitted by Marcus Bosenberg

Image Name: skin_124.tif

Image Annotation: High power view of a nodular basaloid follicular neoplasm arising in a Patched+/- mouse that was treated with ionizing radiation and oral arsenic. Nests and islands of tumor cells are present with a poorly-formed palisade of basaloid cells and a central eosinophilic amorphous core. The eosinophilic stroma is arranged in a concentric manner around the nests and contains scattered fibroblasts. The appearance of this tumor resembles that of the tumor depicted in skin_106 and human cylindromas.

Staining Method: Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining Method

Species: Mouse
Strain: C57BL/6 x DBA/2J

Organ: Skin
Diagnosis: Cylindroma Type of Basaloid Follicular Neoplasm of the Skin


Gene: Patched +/-

Publication: 10545995

Image donated by: Marcus Bosenberg