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Mouse - Bone Marrow - 732.tif

732.tif submitted by Scott Kogan

Image Name: 732.tif

Image Annotation: Hoxa9 bone marrow immunophenotyping, page 1. All tubes in page 1 contain CD45 TC. Plots were gated on both GFP and CD45 positive cells. The following antigens were found to mark positively: CD11b, Gr-1, CD31, CD59, CD71, CD117, CD16/32; from page 2, the following were expressed at low levels: F4/80, CD41. The following antigens were found to mark negatively: Ter119, CD34, CD86, Ly6A/E (Sca-1), I-Ab; from page 2, the following were negative: IgM, CD5, CD3, CD4, CD8a, CD90.2, CD19, CD45R. These findings are consistent with granulocytic/monocytic leukemia.

Staining Method: FACS

Species: Mouse

Organ: Bone Marrow
Diagnosis: Myeloid Leukemia




Image donated by: Scott Kogan