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Mouse - CNS - cns_022a.tif

cns_022a.tif submitted by William Weiss

Image Name: cns_022a.tif

Image Annotation: Histopathology of genetically engineered mouse oligodendrogliomas.A. Tumor showing cells with relatively uniform round nuclei surrounded by clear spaces. Such "perinuclear haloes" are a diagnostic feature of human oligodendrogliomas. B. Another common feature of these tumors is shown as tumor cells surrounding normal grey matter neurons (arrow). This is called "perineuronal satelitosis". C. GFAP staining of a mouse oligodendroglioma. As in the case of many human oligodendrogliomas, the tumor cells are negative for GFAP. The only positive staining observed in this field is seen in reactive astrocytes and in association with blood vessels (arrow).

Staining Method:

Species: Mouse

Organ: CNS




Image donated by: William Weiss