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Mouse - Lung - MC02-0590.pff

MC02-0590.pff image submitted by Robert Cardiff

Image Name: MC02-0590.pff

Image Annotation: mixed 129/B7 conditional K-ras G12D floxed transcriptional stop element in the first intron of the K-Ras G12D allel knocked into the K-ras locus infected with 5*10^7 PFU of AdenoCre virus by intranasal instillation 12 weeks prior to necropsy Cre recombinase (AdenoCre) to induce K-ras G12D

Staining Method: Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining Method

Species: Mouse
Strain: C57/129

Organ: Lung

Gender: Male

Gene: K-ras


Image donated by: Robert Cardiff