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Collection of murine pulmonary tumors - Slide 001
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Submitting Investigator: Sonia B. Jakowlew
Mouse Age: 5 months
Mouse Sex: female
Mouse Strain: C57BL6xC57BL6SV129
Genotype: TGF beta 1HT/activated K-ras HT
Genetic Modification Details: generated by crossing C57BL TGF beta 1 (+/-) with C57BL6SV129 that are heterozygous for activated K-ras (one allele disrupted by homologous recombination)
Other Factors: none
Gross Morphology: All lobes, nodules (25 total)
Method of Fixation: 10% NBF
Annotations: Mixed adenoma with areas borderline to carcinoma.
There are multiple variably sized densely cellular neoplastic areas most of them expansive and well demarcated with sharp limits and few of them blending with the adjacent pulmonary parenchyma. Growth in airways may be interpreted as an indication of invasion. Some of the large areas replace complete lung lobules. The neoplastic cells vary from a solid to papillary architecture supported by a delicate fine fibrovascular stroma. The neoplastic cells are arranged in irregular undulating cords or small nests of short cuboidal epithelial cells with a compact appearance. The cells have moderate amounts of eosinophilic cytoplasm and oval to round nuclei with dense chromatin. In some of the areas the neoplastic cells have foamy cytoplasm. There are occasional large to small areas of acidophilic macrophages, a few of them are binucleated. There are few numbers of neutrophils.
References: NA