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Slide 041

Slide ID: 041
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Submitting Investigator: Tommaso A. Dragani
Mouse Age: NA
Mouse Sex: NA
Mouse Strain: A/J
Genotype: NA
Genetic Modification Details: NA
Other Factors: Urethane
Gross Morphology: NA
Method of Fixation: NA
Annotations: Mixed and papillary adenomas with areas of likely papillary adenocarcinoma.
Entire slide contains foci of variable sizes, from hyperplasias to well cirscumscribed adenomas and a large mass consisting of relatively benign looking cells growing down the bronchioles and has papillary areas (adenocarcinoma?). Largest tumor on the slide, the tumor is growing into bronchioles and bronchi and has papillary areas. The solid center has ribbon-like papillary growths and papillary lesions invade into airways.