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Collection of murine pulmonary tumors - Slide 046
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Submitting Investigator: Jeffrey A. Whitsett
Mouse Age: NA
Mouse Sex: male
Mouse Strain: NA
Genotype: TgFGF-10
Genetic Modification Details: none
Other Factors: none
Gross Morphology: none
Method of Fixation: NA
Annotations: Papillary adenoma.
Nodule in one lobe of the lung, multiple lesions in another lobe. The multiple lesions are similar in structure and cell morphology as is the large adenoma in the other lobe. Two lesions are growing into bronchiolar lumens. Papillary adenoma is well circumscribed and composed of papillary structures. Papillary structures are lined by a single layer of well differentiated tumor cells with moderate amount of eosinophilic cytoplasm.
Clark, J. C., Tichelaar, J. W., Wert, S. E., Itoh, N., Perl, A. K., Stahlman, M. T., and Whitsett, J. A. (2001). FGF-10 disrupts lung morphogenesis and causes pulmonary adenomas in vivo. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 280, L705-715.