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Slide 048

Slide ID: 048
Collection of murine pulmonary tumors - Slide 048
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Submitting Investigator: Jeffrey A. Whitsett
Mouse Age: NA
Mouse Sex: NA
Mouse Strain: NA
Genotype: TgSV40 large T antigen
Genetic Modification Details: none
Other Factors: none
Gross Morphology: large tumor
Method of Fixation: NA
Annotations: Adenocarcinoma with mixed subtypes.
Entire slide – shows large mass with necrotic center and adjacent small lesions. A large mass that has broken through the pleura and is invading adjacent pulmonary parenchyma. A solid area in the center and tubular-papillary areas on the left and right portions of the figure. The tumor cells lining the tubular structures are single or multiple layered, hyperchromatic and many mitotic figures can be seen. This case illustrates that, because of the size of this tumor, it is impossible to determine cell of origin from this slide alone.
Wikenheiser, K. A., and Whitsett, J. A. (1997). Tumor progression and cellular differentiation of pulmonary adenocarcinomas in SV40 large T antigen transgenic mice. Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol. 16, 713-723.