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caArray 2.5.0 is released

NCI CBIIT is pleased to announce the release of caArray 2.5 and the deployment of the system at NCI CBIIT, This release contains the following enhancements:

User enhancements

  • Improved large data support
  • Large datasets can now be imported together - it is no longer necessary to split large imports into smaller subsets.
  • Large datasets can be uploaded easily via multiple file selection, drag and drop. (not supported in Internet Explorer)
  • Audit logging of sample and data additions and deletions
  • Ability to restrict access to samples based on sample characteristics
  • Support for automatic refresh of experiments from caIntegrator by providing information about sample and data changes.
  • Ability to configure single sign-on between caArray and caIntegrator.

Technical enhancements

  • Improved file storage: Uploaded files are now stored on the file system instead of in the database.
  • A plugin architecture allowing the user community to develop and deploy parsers for new data types easily.
  • Major technology upgrades: Jboss 5.1, Java 6, caGrid v1.5, Struts, and NCI build-and-deploy infrastructure (NCI Nexus repository, AntHill Pro 3, BDALite).

In addition, this release includes several important bug fixes including ARRAY-1342 (A collaborator cannot see files in the "Uploaded" state even with read-write permissions to the experiment).

For a complete listing of items addressed in this release and known issues, please see the Release Notes

For groups interested in installing caArray 2.5 locally, the full installation package, as well as an upgrade installer, are available at

The user guide, installation guide, technical guide, and API guide are available as wiki pages at the following URLs

caArray 2.5 User's Guide:
caArray 2.5 Installation Guide:
caArray 2.5 Technical Guide:
caArray 2.5 API Guide: