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caIntegrator 1.3 release

The caIntegrator team is pleased to announce the release of caIntegrator version 1.3 (formerly caIntegrator2).

The caIntegrator team is pleased to announce the release of caIntegrator version 1.3 (formerly caIntegrator2) and the deployment of the system at NCI CBIIT at The key features of this release include:
  1. Visualization capabilities for copyNumber and Expression data using The Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV). IGV is high performance visualization tool for interactive exploration of large, integrated datasets.
  2. Visualization capabilties for copyNumber using NCI CGWB Heatmap viewer. Heatmap viewer is a tool for visualization of copy-number data and associated clinical annotations.
  3. Support for the caCGHcall grid service to process copyNumber(CGH) data using Bioconductor CGH package. CGHcall allows users to make an objective and effective classification of their aCGH data into copy number states (loss, normal, gain or amplification).
  4. Querying of Copy Number data by Mean Segment Values and by Calls value (Calls values available when caCGHcall service is selected).
  5. Capability to use supplemental file from caArray for all supported platforms.

The NCI CBIIT deployment of the application can be accessed at and allows the users to browse and run queries for all public studies. A registered user can save queries and lists as well as perform advanced analysis tasks. For a complete list of new features, listing of items addressed in this release and known issues, please see the Release Notes:

Questions and feedback:
You may post questions to the Molecular Analysis Tools Knowledge Center Discussion Forum, This forum is actively monitored by Knowledge Center staff. - Join the caIntegrator users list at