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Model Organisms to Human Biology – Cancer Genetics Meeting

The Genetics Society of America invites geneticists to its Model Organisms to Human Biology – Cancer Genetics Meeting, June 17-2012, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. The overarching goal of this meeting is to connect basic scientists studying cancer relevant biology in model organisms with investigators studying human cancer. 

Keynote speakers are Angelika Amon (MIT), Eric Lander (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard) and Bert Vogelstein (Johns Hopkins University).  For a full list of speakers, please see the MOHB website at  For a printable poster to publicize the MOHB -- Cancer Genetics meeting, please see

A mini-symposium on modENCODE (model organism Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) Project, supported by NIH/NHGRI is part of the MOHB program on Tuesday afternoon, June 19.  The new director of NHGRI, Dr. Eric Green, will present his perspective on model organism research in the next decade. 

The MOHB – Cancer Genetics meeting dovetails with the NHGRI modENCODE Symposium on the NIH campus, June 20-21 and MOHB – Cancer Genetics participants may attend this symposium free of charge.