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Textpresso for Mouse

Textpresso is an information extracting and processing package for biological literature

A pilot project containing approximately 80,000 full text papers pertaining to the model organism mouse was released recently.
Textpresso's strength lies in the sentence-focused search, i.e., multiple keywords and categories are matched in the same sentence to be returned as a search result. Textpresso is enriched by categories ("bags of words") which can be specified from a cascading menu. For example, if users want to search for sentences that mention the gene shh and a mouse tissue, they type shh in the keyword box and choose 'mouse tissue' (via 'mouse specific' supercategory). The categories are subject to change. The software supports phrase searches (enclosed in double quotes) as well as searches for special characters. However, searches for super- or subscript annotations are not implemented yet.

Textpresso was initially developed by Hans-Michael Muller, Eimear Kenny and Paul W. Sternberg, with contributions from Juancarlos Chan and David Chen. This new version (officially known as Textpresso 2.0) was developed by Hans-Michael Muller with contributions from Arun Rangarajan and Tracy K. Teal. Textpresso is part of WormBase at the California Institute of Technology, California. Textpresso is supported by a grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute at the US National Institutes of Health # HG004090.