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What's new in caMOD - March 2011

The following models have been approved for public display in March 2011.

caMOD ID Model Descriptor Species
50059637 ACI.COP-(D3Mgh16-D3Rat119)/Shul Rat
50059643 ACI.COP-(D3Rat130-D3Rat114)/Shul Rat
50059689 ACI/N Rat
50059664 A990 Rat
50059673 ACI.COP-(D6Rat80-D6Rat146)/Shul Rat
50059613 ACI.COP-(D10Mgh8-D10Rat4)/Shul Rat
50059955 Rat primary brain tumors treated with intralesionally implanted cisplatin Rat
150067481 Chordomas in Fischer 344 rats Rat
150066238 Rat NG2-expressing glial precursor cells are a new potential oligodendroglioma cell initiating population in ENU-induced gliomagenesis Rat