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What's new in caMOD - October 2010

The following models have been approved for public display in October 2010.

caMOD ID Model Descriptor Species
150066074 HMGA2 expression in a canine model of prostate cancer Dog
150066017 Metastatic growth of lung cancer cells is extremely reduced in Vitamin D receptor knockout mice Mouse
150066148 Smad3-/- Mouse
150066105 Intravenous administration of polyethylene glycol-modified tumor
necrosis factor-a completely regressed solid tumor in Meth-A murine sarcoma model
150066171 NNK tobacco-carcinogen induced lung adenocarcinoma development in Gprc5a-knockout mice Mouse
150066037 Preclinical investigation of PEGylated tumor necrosis factor alpha in dogs with spontaneous tumors Dog
150065992 Effect of silibinin on the growth and progression of primary lung tumors in mice Mouse
150066007 Aerosol delivery of chemotherapy in an orthotopic model of lung cancer Mouse
150066301 Germline transmission and tissue-specific expression of transgenes delivered by lentiviral vectors in rats Rat
150066262 A new zebrafish model for experimental T-cell leukemia therapy Zebrafish