Acquiring Models


Rat Resource and Research Center (RRRC)

Established to provide high quality and well-characterized rat models including inbred, hybrid, and mutant rat strains, the RRRC has been serving the biomedical community since 2001. Researches can search for available strains or learn about others anticipated for development.  RRRC also coordinates ordering of strains from the National Bio Resource Project for the Rat in Japan (NBRP).

Knock Out Rat Consortium (KORC)

The KORC project aims to generate rat models with single gene disruptions, corresponding to null mutations for every gene in the rat genome.  Using a standard strain background (Fisher rats), the project will make rats and reagents available to the biomedical research community via the RRRC.

Charles River Laboratories
Charles River Laboratories has provided research models and laboratory animal support services, pre-clinical services, and clinical services to the biomedical market for more than half a century. Research model animals include stocks, strains and mutant animals, some of which are specifically classified as disease models.  

For decades, Harlan has provided stocks, strains and mutant animals for many aspects of biomedical research in many countries. Inbred, outbred, mutant and transgenics models of various species are available. Models are available for a many purposes, some of which are classified by research use topic areas.

Taconic employs over 50 years of expertise to provide genetically-defined, high quality rodent models to the biomedical research community. Traditional models, induced models, and transgenic models are all available. Experts are available to review needs, discuss desired outcomes, and recommend the rat or mouse model that will enable you to conduct the most efficient and reliable in vivo study.


A biotechnology company dedicated to developing unique rat models and tools for biomedical research, Transposagen has extensive collections of genetically modified rat models and resources, as well as associated tools and technology. Inbred and outbred animals are also under development. Transposagen is a member of the Knock Out Rat Consortium project.


The information included in this section includes best practices and available resources, but does not intend to endorse any particular manufacturer’s products.