Images for MPD-like Myeloid Leukemia

BCR-ABL Retrovirus

Images are from representative mice (contributed by Rick van Etten/Scott Kogan)

Induction of murine recipients with BCR-ABL retrovirus causes 3 principal hematologic malignancies:

  1. MPD-like Myeloid Leukemia
  2. Precursor B Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukemia
  3. Histiocytic Sarcoma

MPD-like Myeloid Leukemia

Originally described as a rapidly fatal syndrome in some recipients of BCR-ABL-transduced BM (Daley et al., 1990), subsequently in a more efficient model system employing the MSCV vector and transient retrovirus packaging systems (Li et al., 1999; Pear et al., 1998; Zhang and Ren, 1998). Animal exhibit massive expansion of maturing myeloid cells in the circulation with infiltration of many organs, chiefly spleen, liver, and lungs, and succumb within 3-5 weeks post-transplantation. The principle cause of death appears to be pulmonary infiltration and hemorrhage leading to respiratory insufficiency. The disease is polyclonal by retroviral integration pattern (Li et al., 1999; Zhang and Ren, 1998) and the same spectrum of clones is observed in neutrophils, macrophages, erythroid progenitors, B-lymphoid and sometimes T-lymphoid cells, indicating an early multipotential progenitor (Li et al., 1999). The disease can be adoptively transferred to lethally or sublethally irradiated secondary syngeneic or immunodeficient recipient mice by transplantation of BM and/or spleen cells, but only a restricted subset of clones in the primary mouse efficiently generate day 12 spleen colonies or induce MPD in secondary recipients (Li et al., 1999; Zhang and Ren, 1998). Continued serial transplantation results in evolution to clonally related acute leukemia, principally lymphoid (T>B) but also infrequently myeloid (mast cell sarcomas) (Daley et al., 1991; Pear et al., 1998).

MPD-like Myeloid Leukemia Cytology:
Blood Smear Example 1a: 1 CML PB WG.100x.a Blood Smear Example 1a
Blood Smear Example 1b: 1 CML PB WG.400x.a Blood Smear Example 1b
MPD-like Myeloid Leukemia Histology:
Liver Example 1a: 2 CML Liver 40x.a Liver Example 1a
Liver Example 1b: 2 CML Liver 100x.a Liver Example 1b
Liver Example 1c: 2 CML Liver 400x.a Liver Example 1c
Spleen Example 1a: 3 CML Spleen 40x.a Spleen Example 1a
Spleen Example 1b: 3 CML Spleen 100x.a Spleen Example 1b
Spleen Example 1c: 3 CML Spleen 400x.a Spleen Example 1c
Lung Example 1a: 4 CML Lung 40x.a Lung Example 1a
Lung Example 1b: 4 CML Lung 100x.a Lung Example 1b
Lung Example 1c: 4 CML Lung 400x.a Lung Example 1c