Images for Precursor B-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukemia

BCR-ABL Retrovirus

Images are from representative mice (contributed by Rick van Etten/Scott Kogan)
Induction of murine recipients with BCR-ABL retrovirus causes 3 principal hematologic malignancies:

  1. MPD-like Myeloid Leukemia
  2. Precursor B Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukemia
  3. Histiocytic Sarcoma.

Precursor B Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukemia

This disease is induced by many activated forms of Abl, including v-abl and activated c-abl (Jackson and Baltimore, 1989) in addition to BCR-ABL. It is most efficiently induced as a pure disease by intraperitoneal inoculation of neonatal mice (original Abelson virus protocol (Risser et al., 1978)) or by in vitro bone marrow transduction and transplantation using marrow from non-5-fluorouracil-treated donors (Roumiantsev et al., 2001). In the latter protocol, mice do not develop the prominent leptomeningeal involvement originally described with Abelson virus but instead exhibit variable levels of frank leukemia (PB WBC usually 10-30,00/mm3), with modest involvement of peripheral lymph nodes and moderate splenomegaly (0.2-0.5 g), and usually significant involvement of the marrow (>30% blasts). Blasts are positive for B220, CD19, CD24, CD43, and BP-1/6C3, indicating an early pro/pre-B phenotype. This disease is usually oligoclonal by provirus integration and immunoglobulin heavy chain gene rearrangement status; light chain loci are usually germline. Disease is readily transplantable to syngeneic or immunodeficient secondary recipients, and the leukemic cells usually grow in vitro. Diseased mice often demonstrate hind-limb paralysis due to invasion of paraspinal regions. The cause of death in Balb/c mice is typically a catastrophic hemorrhagic pleural effusion that may arise from erosion of an innominate vein lymph node and not severe anemia.

Pre-B ALL Cytology:
Pleural Effusion Example 1a: 5 B-ALL PB pl effusion WG 100x.a Pleural Effusion Example 1a
Pleural Effusion Example 1b: 5 B-ALL PB pl effusion WG 400x.a Pleural Effusion Example 1b
Pleural Effusion Example 1c: 6 B-ALL LN pl effusion Cytospin WG 400x.a Pleural Effusion Example 1c
Pleural Effusion Example 1d: 6 B-ALL LN pl effusion. WG 400x.a Pleural Effusion Example 1d
Blood Smear Example 1a: 5 B-ALL PB pl effusion.PBS. WG 100x.a Blood Smear Example 1a
Blood Smear Example 1b: 5 B-ALL PB pl effusion.PBS. WG 400x.a Blood Smear Example 1b
Pre-B ALL Histology:
Lymph Node Example 1a: 7 B-ALL LN 40x.a Lymph Node Example 1a
Lymph Node Example 1b: 7 B-ALL LN 100x.a Lymph Node Example 1b
Lymph Node Example 1c: 7 B-ALL LN 400x.a Lymph Node Example 1c
Spleen Example 1a: 8 B-ALL Spleen 40x.a Spleen Example 1a
Spleen Example 1b: 8 B-ALL Spleen 100x.a Spleen Example 1b
Spleen Example 1c: 8 B-ALL Spleen 400x.a Spleen Example 1c
Liver Example 1a: 9 B-ALL Liver 40x.a Liver Example 1a
Liver Example 1b: 9 B-ALL Liver 100x.a Liver Example 1b
Liver Example 1c: 9 B-ALL Liver 400x.a Liver Example 1c

Precursor T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukemia in the Spleen, #29772A from the study set of T. N. Frederickson

Histology Images
29772A Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen 40x Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen 40x
29772A Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen 100x Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen 100x
29772A Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen 400x Example 1 Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen 400x, Example 1
29772A Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen, 400x Example 2 Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Spleen 400x, Example 2