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Collection of murine pulmonary tumors - Slide 007

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Submitting Investigator:

Anton Berns/Ralph Meuwissen

Mouse Age:

11 months

Mouse Sex:


Mouse Strain:



p53flox/flox Rbflox/flox

Genetic Modification Details:

Homozygous conditional knockout alleles for both p53 and Rb. Both genes become full null alleles upon Cre mediated recombination

Other Factors:

Mouse has been intratracheally infected with AdCre and sacrificed at 25 weeks post infection

Gross Morphology:

Lung contained macroscopic tumor lesions

Method of Fixation:



Neuroendocrine hyperplasia.
Focal neuroendocrine hyperplasia in airway. The basement membrane is maintained. The cells appear as small cells with little cytoplasm and hyperchromatic nuclei. The focal undifferentiated lesion seen is in pulmonary parenchyma and is difficult to determine its origin from airways. a focus of undifferentiated cells. Many alveolar macrophages can be seen in adjacent alveoli. An area of poorly differentiated tumor.

References: Meuwissen, R., Linn, S. C., Linnoila, R. I., Zevenhoven, J., Mooi, W. J., and Berns, A. Induction of small cell lung cancer by somatic inactivation of both Trp53 and Rb1 in a conditional mouse model. Cancer Cell, 4: 181-189, 2003.