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Collection of murine pulmonary tumors - Slide 065

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Submitting Investigator:

Tyler Jacks / Erica L. Jackson

Mouse Age:

10 months

Mouse Sex:


Mouse Strain:

mixed 129/B6


conditional K-ras G12D

Genetic Modification Details:

floxed transcriptional stop element in the first intron of the K-Ras G12D allele knocked into the K-ras locus

Other Factors:

infected with 5*10^7 PFU of AdenoCre virus by intranasal instillation 6 weeks prior to necropsy

Gross Morphology:


Method of Fixation:

Formalin fixation for ~16 hours


Papillary adenoma.
There are a few small variably sized well demarcated densely cellular expansile neoplastic nodules, partially compressing the surrounding pulmonary/alveolar parenchyma. The neoplastic cells are arranged in undulating ribbons or tubular arrays supported by a fine fibrovascular stroma and lined by short columnar crowded epithelium. The neoplastic cells have an oval to round and eccentric basal nuclei with condensed chromatin and moderate amounts of pale eosinophilic cytoplasm. Adjacent to the neoplastic areas or in a random location there are bronchioles lined by hyperplastic and papillary epithelium.


Jackson, E. L., Willis, N., Mercer, K., Bronson, R. T., Crowley, D., Montoya, R., Jacks, T., and Tuveson, D. A. (2001). Analysis of lung tumor initiation and progression using conditional expression of oncogenic K-ras. Genes Dev. 15, 3243-3248.