Characterizing Other Laboratory Cancer Models

There are other animals routinely studied that help us to understand the mechanisms of cancer.  For a number of historical reasons, and because of certain specific characteristics of these animals, they have been developed as model systems.  Although not in as wide use as mouse and rat models, they have a niche that can be explored effectively by researchers.  Some exposure to the range of animal models and their characterization can be found in Tumor Models in Cancer Research.

For animals without a completed genomic sequence, genotyping is less well supported.  However, there are resources that offer entry points into some aspects of the genes and traits in these organisms. Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) collects this type of data.  OMIA also employs the Mammalian Phenotype Ontology (MP) that aids in cross-species comparisons of phenotypes.

Some of the strategies, protocols, and resources that have been developed for characterization of mice and rats may provide useful insights for researchers working with other animal models.  For information specific for the other models, click the links on the left.